Thursday, 26 July 2012

Palmers Cocoa Butter Tanning Cream

This is a revelation! Yes, my hubby likes the smell of my fake tan!

He usually won't come near me when I've fake tan on, but last night he was shouting "what's that smell, it's really nice?"

Firstly I should say I'm quite pale and have normal-dry skin. My mum raves about Palmers cream, so I thought I'd give the tanning lotion a go. It contains cocoa butter and vitamin E - both lovely for your skin.

It feels nice when applying it, as it just seems like you're rubbing lotion into your skin. It does take a wee while to absorb, so I wouldn't do this in a hurry before work or anything. I put it on before bed.

It's described as a "gradual tanning moisturiser", so I was shocked to see it had properly developed the next morning. I was expecting to have to apply for a few days to see a difference. The next shocker was I didn't reapply it and the tan lasted for about a week! It seemed to get darker and then died down again.

I was very pleased with this - because it's all about minimal effort for me! I think if I applied it once a week it would maintain a nice tan for me.

The colour was very natural. If you're in to deeper tans, it would probably work to apply it everyday. I was super impressed with this product and it only cost about 6 quid! It comes in a pump bottle which is great and less messy.

I think I'm converted and will reach for this rather than the expensive brands from now on. Well pleased! :)

**unfortunately the tan developed the usual fake tan smell on the second day. There is no getting away from that smell! **
Have you tried it? Let me know what you think.
Any other fake tan recommendations? Comment below :)

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