Sunday, 9 December 2012

MUA Nail Varnish £1

Shade 1 - Dark Metalic Blue

I got this shade to match my spidery halloween makeup. I loved the shade in the bottle as it appeared to have little glittery specs.

On application, I found the nail varnish to be very thin and one coat would definitely not do. I had to apply around 4 coats in the end. Saying that, the varnish did dry pretty quickly between coats.

As you can see the first coat is very transparent

Getting better with coat 2

Coat 3 is adaquate, but there were still little see through streaks in some places.

I was disappointed with the colour as the metalic "gliterriness" didn't show through. From any sort of distance, the colour looked black rather than blue.

Not too much of a big deal for a halloween costume, but not really what I expected it to be. I found the varnish to be long wearing, lasting up to about 1 week.

I am really impressed with MUA as a cosmetics range in general. £1 for a nail polish is a god send if you're playing with one off colours for a bit of fun and experimentation, so I'd be interested in trying out more colours. I like their eyeshadows too. Check out my review of MUA Eyeshadow.

I also recently bought one of their eye shadow palettes, which I will review soon.

On the whole, I think this nail varnish is value for money. It takes a little more applications than other products, but I don't mind this for the price. I would like to try out other shades in this range to compare :)

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