Saturday, 20 October 2012

Primark Autumn Winter Buys

Called into Primark recently to buy something at £1 and low and behold I ended up spending over £50! How did that happen?

Well I was quite impressed with some of their new stock. I couldn't resist stocking up on winter woolies and various other bits and bobs.

This is what I intended to buy. Some empty containers for making my own lip balm. Also good for packing cosmetics in your airplane hand luggage. £1

I then spied this cute little wollen skirt in burgundy. They have loads of wollen skirts in different colours and patterns. £8

On wondering what I could match this up with, I saw this lovely Ivory jumper. It is quite a fine knit, so would be good if you don't like heavy woolies. £12

Strategically placed beside the Burgundy skirt were matching tights (Opaque, 80 Denier). So of course I had to buy those as well ;) £2

Winter would not be complete without a christmassy jumper. I was very tempted to buy the "penguin in a santa hat" jumper, but went for this one instead. £14

This denim shirt was a bit of an indulgence buy. I'm not ashamed to admit I have fallen for the return of Dallas and I am liking the style of the ladies on the show. So this shirt, studded on the pockets and collar, reminded me of that style. Bargain for only £12.

Of course, as you make your way to the till in Primark, there are a whole host of goodies lined up to tempt you. So I picked up this 5pk of socks for £2.50

And that's how I spent £52.50 in Primark on my way to work. I suppose I got quite a lot for my money when I look at it like that.

To be honest, I could have spent a lot more. There are a lot of nice items in the shop at the minute :) Have you  bought anything nice from Primark recently?

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