Friday, 20 July 2012

Homemade Moisturiser

I've suffered with bad skin for about 7 years now. Weird, because my skin was ok until I hit 23 years old. Since then I've had acne on and off. I've tried all sorts of medications and products, but it's still here!

So in the past few weeks I've decided to experiment a little with homemade beauty products. While having acne, I also have terrible dry skin and it suddenly dawned on me that the products I use to clean and moisturise my face are probably stripping the natural oils away. I have no idea what the chemicals in cosmetics are and what they are doing to my skin. So on my quest, I discovered that a lot of stuff I already have at home can be use to make my own products.

Ingredients I've been trying out:

100% natural Aloe Vera Gel
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Almond Oil
Vitamin E Oil
Bicarbonate Soda (Baking Soda (not Baking powder)

There are many other products to try, but so far I've been messing with these.
First up - I tried making a moisturiser with Aloe Vera Gel and Olive Oil. Aloe Vera gel is amazing for healing skin and I find it gives moisturiser the thickness and "stickiness" needed to mix with the oil. Olive Oil is a great moisturiser for skin, but I did find the mixture a little too oily for me - May be great before bed, but not to wear under makeup. So I ordered a bottle of Almond Oil online, which is supposed to be more absorbent. I find the Almond Oil is working better and isn't as greasy.

I mix 3 parts aloe vera to 1 part almond oil. Give it a good long whip to combine the two together. This gives a really nice light moisturiser. I am still finding that parts of my skin are dry, so for the next batch, I will add a little more oil to the mix and see how it works, but this really depends on your skin type.

It feels so good knowing exactly what I am putting on my skin and it is quite therapeutic making my own products. I have noticed an improvement in the smoothness of my skin after 2 weeks. The great thing is you can adjust the amounts to suit your own skin and I'm sure it will end up being a money saver!

Next I will try and make a hydrating face mask and scrub!
Stay tuned for the results! :)

Please comment below and let me know if you have tried any homemade products. I am still experimenting and would love your ideas too :)

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